Making a House a Home: 3 Ways To Be More Proactive as a Landlord

There are several marks of being a great landlord. Being proactive is one way you can guarantee that your tenants have a safe and satisfying experience as they rent out your property. From being on top of paperwork to taking maintenance requests with a serious and speedy attitude, there are several easy ways you can work to improve how you communicate with your tenants.

Read on for three ways you can be more proactive as a landlord and ensure that your tenants are fully satisfied moving forward. 

Stay Organized

One of the marks of an excellent landlord is the ability to stay organized. Not only does this apply to the process of applying for and being approved to move in, but also your diligence in providing your tenants with required paperwork when needed. Swift and accurate delivery of these documents will go far in how you are viewed by your tenants as well as prospective clients moving forward.

Always Having Your Paperwork Ready

Lease agreements, disclosure forms and applications are just a few examples of paperwork you’ll need as a landlord. Make sure to keep these filed in a way that’s easy for you to access and obtain at a moment’s notice. While keeping electronic copies of these forms with a printer nearby works, you can also go the old-fashioned route and keep hard copies. Just be sure to label your files to keep your tenant’s information separate and secure. 

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Be Speedy When it Comes to Repairs

While some repairs can wait a few days, others will need to be attended to in a more prompt manner. Any issues with electricity, water pressure, a lack of hot water, or gas leak issues will need to be addressed immediately. This is not just to protect you as a landlord, but also for the safety and security of your tenants. Be proactive and call in a professional repair technician for any issues your tenant may be dealing with to effectively and safely resolve their problems. 

Ask for Your Tenants’ Input

The person who lives at your property will have the best insight into what can be improved. Even though you may be the landlord, remember that your tenant is aware of issues that may have escaped your attention and can be changed for the better. This can range from issues with the property itself or suggestions for how to improve the terms of a new lease. Be aware that the input from your tenants is a fantastic resource for improving your abilities and reputation as a landlord. 

Ways to Improve Your Property

When it comes time for a tenant to move out, ask them questions regarding how they enjoyed their time at your property. You can ask questions that delve into what they appreciated most or thought could be improved upon.

For example, they may suggest that an additional washing machine be added to the rental property. This is an excellent way to not only show your tenants that you appreciate their input but also make the experience that much more enjoyable for your future tenants. 

When it comes to being a better landlord, there are several ways you can improve your ability to be more proactive and efficient.

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