Make Ready Services and Your Rentals

What are make ready services that property owners and landlords need? An empty apartment is lost income. But if the property doesn’t show well, would-be future tenants might think twice about your rental. Before you list an apartment for rent, take a look at the make ready services you may need and the ways that a property management company can help.

What Is Considered a Make Ready Apartment Service?

As the name implies, these services help to make the apartment ready for rental. A previous tenant who failed to care for the property or a new purchase that the former owner did not maintain well could work against you.

Future renters won’t likely want to pay for an apartment that has soiled carpeting, dirty walls, or other interior damage or wear and tear. Not only will cosmetic and functional issues turn potential customers away, but you may not get rent the property truly deserves.

Make ready services include a range of options, depending on the property management or contracting company. Carpet cleaning, painting, and general cleaning are basic make ready services to look for.

Additional services that some companies offer could include:

  • Appliance or furniture removal or installation
  • Carpet removal
  • Carpet installation
  • Drywall repairs
  • Small electrical repairs such as installing new outlets or changing light fixtures
  • Small plumbing repairs such as drain clearing or replacing fixtures
  • Floor refinishing

Why Are Make Ready Services Important?

Do you have a broom clean or other similar clause in your standard lease agreement? If so, it’s likely that you expect your tenants to leave the rental in the same condition they found it in (when they moved into the property). Even though the renter is expected to keep the apartment clean and damage-free, this won’t always happen.

Some renters fail to maintain the apartment, while others may cause permanent damage—especially if pets are involved. While not all damage or excessive wear is intentional, it is still something that you will need to correct before you attempt to rent the apartment. Again, cosmetic and functional issues can turn potential renters away or make it difficult to justify a higher rent charge for the property.

Why Should You Hire Someone for Make Ready Services?

You could clean out your rentals and make the repairs yourself. But not every landlord or property owner has the time, energy, or know-how to do so in an effective and efficient way. If you choose to ready your rentals yourself, you could lose valuable time.

Make ready services provide an easy way to get your apartments in top shape without having to spend hours, days, or even weeks cleaning, tearing out carpets, painting, or completing other similar tasks. A professional hire gives you time back the time you may need to focus on other aspects of property investment or your primary job (if renting apartments is your extra income source).

Who Should You Hire for Make Ready Services?

Instead of hiring one contractor to paint your rentals, another contractor for plumbing, another contractor for electrical work, and someone else to deep clean the apartments, choose one company to handle every make ready service.

A property management company that offers these services eliminates the need to interview, hire, and coordinate with multiple contractors. Instead, you will only need to contact and contract with one company. This time and energy-saving choice can make your life easier and help to streamline the rental process.

Do you want to learn more about make ready services? Do you need help making your apartments ready to rent, listing your rentals, screening tenants, and making repairs to your property? Contact New Leaf Properties LLC for more information on the property management services available.