Proven Strategies To Increase Tenant Retention

High tenant turnover has many problems, such as frequent onboarding and remodeling. Retaining tenants is one of the best ways to make your rental property more profitable. Discover proven strategies to boost tenant retention.

Pre-Qualify and Screen All Tenants

Tenant screening gathers information about potential tenants to determine whether they fit your rental property well. The process typically includes income verification, which helps ensure the tenant can afford the rent. Landlords can verify income by requesting a copy of the tenant’s pay stubs, tax returns, or bank statements.

Reference checks also allow landlords to get feedback from previous landlords and employers about the tenant’s behavior and reliability. Landlords can contact the tenant’s previous landlords and employers to ask about their rental and employment history.

Incentivize Lease Renewals

A rent discount is the most common way to incentivize tenants to renew. You can offer a one-time discount, a monthly discount, or a longer-term discount. For example, you could offer a 5% discount on rent for the first year of the new lease. Offering a free month of rent is another more generous incentive, but it can be a great way to get tenants to renew, especially if the rental market is competitive.

You can also be lenient on the lease terms. This could include allowing pets, waiving late fees, or giving tenants more time to move out.

Maintain Excellent Communication and Responsiveness

Excellent communication and responsiveness are essential for building positive relationships with tenants and boosting tenant retention. When tenants feel like they can communicate openly and honestly with their landlord, they are more likely to be happy and stay in the property long-term.

When tenants have a maintenance issue, they need to know that it will be promptly resolved. A landlord who is responsive to maintenance requests will build trust and goodwill with their tenants.

Don’t wait for tenants to come to you with problems. Instead, take the initiative to communicate with them regularly and check in on their satisfaction. This shows that you care about their experience and are invested in their success.

Automate Your Services

Automate rent payments by setting up a system where tenants can pay rent online or through a mobile app. This frees up property managers’ time so they can focus on other tasks, and it also makes it more convenient for tenants to pay rent.

Tenants can submit maintenance requests through a portal or app, and the system can automatically send the request to the appropriate person. This helps ensure that maintenance requests are handled promptly, improving tenant satisfaction.

In addition, automate lease renewals. This can be done by sending tenants automated reminders about their lease expiration date and allowing them to renew online. This makes it easy for tenants to renew their lease and frees up property managers’ time. By automating some of their services, property managers can free up their time to focus on other tasks, such as marketing and leasing, which can help to increase tenant retention. 

Keep Rental Rates Fair and Consistent

Keeping rental rates consistent is one of the best ways to improve tenant retention rates. When tenants know their rent will not increase or decrease dramatically from year to year, they are more likely to stay put. In the long run, this can save you time and money, as you will not have to spend as much time and resources on finding and screening new tenants.

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