Property Management Services in Dallas County, TX

In the last decade, many individuals have begun to use investment property as a way to supplement their income. While some people do this by flipping houses, others do this by renting out partial or entire properties in order to gain passive rental income. If you are a landlord who works a separate full-time job, you might end up finding that the time and energy you expend are not worth the extra income.

At New Leaf Properties LLC, we help people in just your situation in Dallas County, TX. We provide a variety of property management services so that you can continue to see profit from your rental property without having to learn about and execute all of the things that are necessary for effective property management.

Dallas County’s Trusted Property Management Company

Whether you are leasing out a room, condo, or single-family home, the experts at New Leaf Properties LLC will be happy to help you through our property management services. To begin with, we will help you to make your rental official so that you can legally operate a rental property. We’ll help you conduct repairs and make improvements so that you can fetch higher rent and stay up to code.

Once your property is ready, we will help you find tenants through our multiple listing service. We will then conduct prospective tenant screenings so that you can find the kind of person you want to live on your property. Once you choose a tenant, we will help you create the lease contract.

While you have a tenant, we will collect monthly rent, take tenant calls, and serve evictions if necessary. Our online portal makes it easy for you and your tenants to keep track of everything that goes on with payments and repairs.

If you are interested in partnering with New Leaf Properties LLC, call us today at (972) 393-9631.