8 Features Tenants Search for Before Renting

Tenants are choosy when they want to find a new place to rent. Tenants will assess the area they might live in and consider several real estate properties before they settle on the one they like the most. While every tenant has unique needs and specifications, they often have similar factors that they will evaluate. Read on to discover eight features most tenants will examine before they rent your house or apartment.

1. Proximity to Work

One of the most significant factors tenants consider when they look for a rental is its proximity to their place of work. If a tenant has a long commute, they will likely want to find a rental property close to the office to save time and money on transportation. A place close to work also means they can take advantage of after-work events without worrying about getting home late.

2. Accessibility to Public Transit

If a tenant does not have a car or prefers not to use one, they will look for a rental near public transit. This way, they can quickly get around the area to places they want to visit. Also, they do not have to rely on friends or family for rides.

3. Proximity to Amenities

Renters also consider a rental’s proximity to essential amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, and banks. They don’t want to drive miles out of their way to pick up a few things from the store. It’s much more convenient and affordable to live close by. Additionally, if they have young children, they will want to make sure parks and playgrounds are nearby so children can burn off some energy.

4. Safety

Tenants want to feel secure in their neighborhood and ensure their family is safe when they come to visit. One way to gauge the safety of an area is by its crime rate. Another factor to consider is security features like cameras and gates.

5. Quiet Surroundings

If a tenant works from home or prefers peace and quiet, they search for rentals in a quiet place. They can pay extra if the rentals are in noise-restricted environments for a little extra peace of mind.

6. Good Schools

Tenants with school-aged children will gauge the quality of nearby schools in their decision-making process. After all, they want their kids to get the best education possible. Additionally, the closer the schools are, the more enticing they will be for potential clients.

7. Household Appliances

Household appliances allow tenants to live a comfortable life with access to all the modern conveniences that many of us take for granted. For instance, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system provides tenants with a comfortable living environment by regulating the temperature and humidity levels in the home.

In addition to the practical benefits appliances offer, they add a touch of luxury to a rental property. Many enjoy access to features like a dishwasher or dryer because it makes life easier.

8. Aesthetics

While not as crucial as other factors on this list, the aesthetics of your rental property and its surrounding area can play a role in a tenant’s decision-making process. Some tenants will prefer new or refurbished houses, while others can take an old one as long as it has functional amenities.

Tenants want to find the perfect rental property. They will be selective, and some may even pay more for rent if the property has as many qualities in this list as possible. While factors related to the location of your real estate, like amenities, work proximity, and school district, are out of your control, you can increase the quality of your home when you control the others.

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